reneezy f. baaaby!

July 2011.

July also proved to be a good month. Summer Fridays started at my job so I had three day weekends! Fridays were reserved for relaxation at the beach. There were also a lot of birthdays celebrated. (Yao’s 22nd.. My pledge baby Ida’s 21st.. someone’s birthday in AC lol.. Gabe’s 22nd at Jose Tejas & at Liquid Lounge in SI which was a total shit show - for me at least! Lol). My parents had their 25th Anniversary college reunion which was really cute to watch them all get together again. That same weekend, was the last time I would see my Lola Bunang (which is bittersweet, but she was in such great spirits it was a nice way to see her). Yup, July was definitely good. :)

  1. kashmeare said: I was going to “like” this before I even saw that I’m in one of your pics!! July was definitely grand and I’m glad I got to spend it with y’all. :D
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